Client Testimonals

“this is not a normal self-defence course, this is an exceptional program that teaches and equips participants with essential lifesaving usable skills and knowledge for their personal safety security and survival in a contemporary challenging violent world. Do not expect to stand around performing 100’s of punches and kicks or techniques you will never be able to do under pressure. Instead you will learn tactics that actually work under pressure by a person I consider to be well ahead of his time. Thank you, Shaun, keep up the great work”.Sarah (Nurse)

“Shaun walks the talk; he obviously has had real-world experience in the personal protection of some important people because what he presents is not basic or common information known to the majority. Thanks for sharing the secrets to safety and survival in hostile situations”. Belinda (Personal Assistant)

“Honestly I attended Shaun SSPDT to see if it was any good. I have my own martial arts self defence school and had heard a few students talk about strike3defence. I apologise for my tactics and skepticism. Shaun is very well qualified and experienced is one of the few out there who is sincere in what he teaches. I learnt more in 2 hours than I have in over 20 years of training with experts around the globe”. Roger (Krav Maga Instructor)

“First off, I was expecting some muscle-bound gym dude in sweat pants. Instead I was greeted by a very well-presented clean-cut gentleman in a Versace suit. Guess what? The course involved physical defence tactics and Shaun remained in his suit and tie. Unlike some self defence and martial arts classes I had done before, I didn’t need to change into some causal loose-fitting clothing. This is an incredible and sensible system of self-protection”. Rachel (Café Owner)

“NO martial arts Gi’s or Gym wear to be seen anywhere, a room full of executives in Versace, Gucci and Prada suits punching at each other. Shaun’s strike3defence SSPDT program is practical and can be applied in a real-world corporate environment. I am able to 100% use what was delivered in the 1-day program. Thanks, keep up the good work”. Melissa (CEO)

“Executives the world over all base decision-making on risk and reward, cost-benefit analysis to increase profit. We make decisions around ROI which sometimes are in conflict with what is the “right” thing to do. I strongly recommend to invest in your personnel and your organisation Health and Safety program. The benefits my organisation has seen since attending Shaun’s SSPDT program are outstanding. Our staff have displayed a greater loyalty and increased productivity. I believe if you show you care they will respond favorably”. Ryan (CEO)

“I am a retired AFP officer who spent 5 years on the Prime Minister protective detail. The information and tactics Shaun teaches is far more advanced and thorough than any government agency course I have ever done. I highly recommend any corporate executive or high ranking official in the public sector to attend one of Shaun’s protective security training programs ASAP. This could save your life”. Karen (Threat Analyst)

“For the past decade I have worked internationally as a private bodyguard after leaving the military. I met Shaun on an international flight and after some time communicated attended his 4-day Protective Security Risk Intelligence program. This stuff needs to be taught to our government operators; Shaun teaches content matter far beyond what most could ever conceive. Thanks”. Kyle (Private Contractor)

“I met Shaun about 15 years ago when he was a bodyguard at a red-carpet movie premiere, at the time he stood out from the rest due to his professionalism and confidence. Most recently my workplace put us through a security safety course to meet their Health and Safety requirements. To my pleasant surprise it was run by Shaun. We were not disappointed with the quality and professionalism of how the program was delivered but the actual content was incredible. I honestly feel more confident and safer in my daily life. Thanks”. John (PR Manager)

“Shaun previously provided CPP services to my organisation in early 2000 to 2005 on an as need basis. Recently I contacted him to deliver security survival seminars and self defence training to my executive team. Once again, he went beyond our expectations. A true professional who has longevity in a specialised area of protective security. When you want the best, forget he rest, go direct to the source of knowledge and contact Shaun”. Victoria (CEO)

“Shaun’s professional teaching presentation manner proved to me that he is the real deal, his experience in teaching self defence and personal protection is beyond reproach. Thanks for the lifesaving skills”. Paulette (Teacher)

“I am unsure where Shaun learnt what he knows and how one person can be so proficient in such a specialised field of expertise. He is a very humble, polite and honest person and I suspect knows a lot more than he lets on”. Susan (Doctor)

“I have completed several of Shaun’s programs and still deliberate on what his life experiences must be to have gained such knowledge. There is definitely more to him than meets the eye and that he lets on. He is not one of the masses with big egos who bolster up their qualifications. It is often said those who keep quiet are the ones who have actually done things of importance, as opposed to those who talk a lot are well, usually that all talk”. Elizabeth (Actress)

“My company engaged Shaun to deliver a SSPDT program to Board of Directors. The Board was impressed beyond expectations that we have made it mandatory for all our personnel”. Robert (CEO)

“I have since completing Shaun SSPDT program engaged him to teach my family his security, safety, survival package”. Алексей-Alex (Entrepreneur)

“I consider Shaun to be a true subject matter expert in his field. It was refreshing to meet someone who is honest about their qualifications, skills and limitations. When he was asked something and did not know the answer, he admitted this but went away and found the answer”. Giovanni (Hotel Manager)

“I was recently almost attacked when leaving work. Fortunately for me I had completed Shaun’s DART program and was able to assess the situation and take action before it escalated beyond my control”. Melissa (Nurse)

“I have known Shaun since the late 80’s when he was teaching martial arts and when he when he established his own bodyguard services and security defence tactics. I would consider and have heard him described by peers as an autodidact polymath. He certainly has longevity and dedicated commitment to what he does, 30+years and still going thanks for sharing what you know for the benefit of those seeking personal safety”. Paul (Consultant)

“My family and I have implemented Shaun’s strike3defence SSPDT survival program into our daily lives. My wife feels a lot safer when she is home alone and we have confidence that our children have valuable skills to protect them”. Michail (CEO)

“Shaun has an ability to individualize and tailor techniques and explain principle to an array of people. We had some trained experienced martial artists, police officers as well as some young nurses with no training at all. He was able to explain and present to each person requirements and ability. We all learnt new skills and were able to take these away and apply them immediately”. Elijah (Project Manager)


“As a nurse I work night shifts and frequently have to walk by myself to my car in the middle of the night. Shaun has made me aware of the real risks and taught me strategies to prevent myself being attacked. Prevention is a key aspect of his program but when all fails you have the physical skills to protect yourself”. Charlotte (Nurse)

“I had never heard of Tactical Threat Assessment or how proxemics influenced your risk exposure. What we learnt should be taught to everyone, it should be mandatory just like first aid training”. James (Risk Manager)


“After completing Shaun’s S3D program I can see why he has such an impressive client base of some very influential people and organisations”. Noah (Consultant)

“An associate of mine, another CEO in a subsidiary company recommended our team take part in one of Shaun’s tailored self-protection courses. I meet with him and through a consultation process he developed a program for my executive team who had recently received some credible threats. We now u se Shaun to deliver new employees security awareness presentations”. Phillip (CEO)

“We initially contracted Shaun to present our executive team a 1-hour security safety awareness brief before they travelled overseas. The team where so impressed that we decided to take things a step further and do his 2-day executive SSPDT program”. Teresa (CEO)

“Shaun’s SSPDT program is compulsory for all our personnel before they travel overseas. We now use Shaun to brief our in-house and contracted security teams on our specific CPP requirements”. Miranda (CEO)

“Never thought I would learn self defence while having lunch at a 5-star restaurant. This guy knows his stuff, anywhere anytime, Shaun has an ability to tailor a program for anyone’s situation and deliver it around limited time resource constraints”. Anastasia (Ballerina) 

“I have recently completed the S3D SSPDT program, motivated after an associate overseas while in their apartment secure parking was attacked and abducted. I learnt how to prevent this from happening to me or my family and what immediate actions to take if things go bad. Lifesaving survival, thanks”. Tomasz (Doctor)

“thanks to the valuable concepts taught by Shaun, personnel at our corporate head office all have an EDC Go-Bag. We now regularly conduct security response action drills as part of our greater Health and Safety program. We no longer just have monthly fire drills; we conduct security audit walk throughs and tactical threat assessments. Knowledge is power, Thanks for providing the tools to live a safer life”. Kenji (CEO)

“I thought I was going to just learn a few out dated techniques, that probably wouldn’t work, to get out of a strangle hold. Instead I learnt where to sit on public transport, the safest position to dine in a restaurant, based on comprehensive security risk threat assessment analysis. I even learnt how to use a napkin as a defence tactics tool to protect myself”. Sasha (Fashion Model)

“I have recently been appointed a small CPP team due to a recent threat. I decided I should better understand their roles, responsibilities and actual capabilities. I contacted Shaun to perform a Security Risk Threat Assessment of my current situation. He explained my role as the protectee which is a critical factor in any CPP detail, something I was not aware of. Over a weekend of training he provided me the skills and knowledge to survive a hostile encounter. I feel safer and confident I can protect myself and my family should the need arise. I am profoundly appreciative and feel fortunate to have met Shaun, thanks”. Ivanna (Fashion Model)